The Nigerian government confirmed the first case of novel Coronavirus in the country. An Italian who arrived Lagos on February 24th,proceeded to neighboring state of Ogun and then fell sick. He was taken to a facility where he later tested positive for the virus.

Purveyors of fake news are leaving no stone unturned in the desperation to cause confusion with the current status of convid-19 in Nigeria.

Nigerian health officials made efforts to identify and restrain people who had contact with the man.

However, a  report was posted on a Facebook page which many believed to controlled by the popular Nigerian television station, AIT which is creating panic. The report which has since gone viral had it that the driver who drove the Italian man from the airport had run away from the hospital and that he threatened to spread the Infection by using public transport, to different states if he was not given 100 million naira.

Fact Check

Matecfact made a diligent investigation into the matter, and it was discovered that the Facebook account that reported the story was not owned by AIT television. Matecfact contacted the station and was told that the Public communication department had issued a serious warning to the public to disregard the report and that it did not emanate from them.

A quick check on the Facebook page revealed that this is not the first time the page will be issuing bogus and controversial report as many of the posts are either distorted information, misinformation, or outright fake news.

The picture of the man who was attached to the post was a victim of Slavery in Libya. The picture has been on the internet since 2018, his name is “Jude Ikuenobe” and NOT Isaac Adewale Olorogun as stated.


The post about the driver of the Italian who was diagnosed with Coronavirus that was alleged to have given the Nigerian government a condition that he would spread the virus unless given 100m Naira is FALSE.

The general public should disregard this publication and desist from sharing it. | February 2020.